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Turkish interpreters
simultaneous interpreting services by English and Arabic interpreters

We support your organizations to be held in Turkey by providing professional English and Arabic interpreters and equipment leasing services 

If you need English and Arabic simultaneous interpreting services in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir or other major cities in Turkey and/or simultaneous audio equipment leasing, please submit the details through Request a Price Quote. We will contact you as soon as we can. 


Real time interpreting is mostly required by the organizers of conference, congress, convention, meeting, training etc. to be held in Turkey. Simultaneous equipment including booths for interpreters and compatible audio system must be up and running in the convention hall.

Top notch Arabic interpreters who will meet your requirements 

We provide professional mother tongue Arabic interpreters of the highest calibre with excellent English, selected according to the particular nature of your assignment. For conference or technical work we ask our clients to provide as much background information as possible well in advance so that the interpreters will be familiar with the subjects under discussion. 

Arabic and English interpreters from within Istanbul with international experience will save travel and accomodation costs

Turkey is not very rich in terms the availability of the professional interpreters working between English and European languages including Russian of course. In many languages, we have to offer interpreters who must travel from their home country to Turkey for your event. When it comes to Russian and English interpreters, we are happy to offer interpreters from within Istanbul, Turkey.

We do also provide other language couples for the events to be held in Turkey, for example: Russian and English, French and English, German and English, Italian and English etc.

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We offer audio-visual simultaneous equipments leasing for real time interpreting 

Different simultaneous equipment setups may be ideal for your organization according to the factors such as:

  • the number of participants,
  • size and form of convention hall,
  • language set up,
  • number of lecturers,
  • availability of audio equipment compatible with simultaneous equipment,
  • availability of space for booths,
  • additional essential equipment like head microphone (table microphone), wireless microphone, collar microphone,
  • additional equipment like data projectors, curtains, laptops, and slides

Request a Price Quote guide you to optimise your quote for equipment lease.

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 SIMULTANEOUS equipment leasing
Interpreters' Working conditions

provision of written references in advance