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equipment leasing for real time interpreting
Audio and Visual Equipment

Simultaneous equipment leasing service is included to our service palette, because we think that buying both interpreting and equipment leasing services from a single vendor is an attractive option for our client.

Analysing the conditions to offer optimum equipment installation is a part of operation. Because, any technical failure that might arise during your event could make things difficult for everybody.

Technical considerations

There are a number of essential technical considerations that must be born in mind to ensure the smooth functioning of the event:
  • Audio equipment like speakers and must be compatible with simultaneous equipment,
  • Standard booths (having sufficient dimensions, ventilation, sound proofing, and table and lighting) must be located such that interpreters can see the speakers and the screen comfortably,
  • Lapel microphones should be distributed to speakers to wear while delivering their addresses,
  • Wireless hand-microphones must be available in sufficient numbers to be used during Question and Answer sessions,
  • If needed, booths ought to be placed on top of raised platforms so that the interpreters can have a better view and the booths should be located far from entrances, kitchens and other places that could cause distraction to the interpreters.
Installation and technicians

Normally, installation is made by the technicians overnight the day before the event. After tests are completed, simultaneous equipment system is handed over to you up and running. Technicians will be present at venue in case technical problem occur.

How to get a quote for equipment leasing?

Simply just submit the details that we needed through Request a Price Quote which will guide you step-by-step. We will contact as soon as we can. 


Which equipment setup is ideal for your organization?

You can optimise your equipment configuration, because when you increase the items that you request, your total cost will also rise. Consider cost-effective modular solutions.

It is a good idea to exclude audio system cost in your convention hall lease contract, probably with a hotel. Since there may be incompatibility issues between third-party audio system and our simultaneous equipment system, particular care should be taken. Most convenient way is to use our audio system that will be full compatible.

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