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Turkish interpreters Simultaneous interpreters
working conditions
Working hours

There is a generally accepted standard applying to the amount of time a single interpreter can provide continual service without negatively affecting the wellbeing of the interpreter or the quality of his/her performance. The maximum is set at 1 hour.

In the event that there are two interpreters working at the same event and assuming that they alternate every 2 hours, the acceptable duration of work is 2 interpreters x 3 hours.

Meetings that last longer than 6 hours require a third interpreter or an additional pair of interpreters.

Make sure that these points are kept in mind when negotiating the details (hours, number of sessions, speakers) of the agreement to be worked out with the ALS office.

The ALS office shall be of assistance in determining the number of interpreters you event needs.

Air, booths, and health
  • the booth should be the regulation soundproof booth and should be clean and free of dust,
  • the centre may have built in interpreter booths,
  • please ask for all booths to cleaned, dusted and vacuumed before and during the conference,
  • a small fan in the ceiling that often does not work does not provide adequate ventilation to keep interpreters alert, awake, alive and breathing.
Position of booth
  • please ensure that the interpreting booth is placed so that the door faces away from the delegates and can be left open at all times, and so that the interpreter get as much air as possible,
  • the booth should be placed so that the second interpreter is able to leave and enter the booth and conference room without disturbing the delegates and the speaker, ideally near a door,
  • the interpreter should not have to cross the room in front of the speaker and delegates to go out or in during the proceedings,
  • the booth should be situated so that the interpreters have a clear view of the screen and so that they can read what is on the screen.
  • interpreters drink a lot of water while they work,
  • please ensure that there is always one full jug of water and one clean glass per interpreter,
  • Some like iced water and some water without ice,
  • The water should be changed and a clean glass provided during the breaks throughout the day.

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 SIMULTANEOUS equipment leasing

provision of written references in advance

other details that should be kept BY CLIENTS