ALS invested on TM Server

Published on: Dec 4 2012 12:00AM

 ALS has invested on costly SDL TM Server technology to be able to take advantage of common translation memory (TM) experience towards increasing quality and reducing cost. This cloud-based TM technology perfectly supports the projects of high volumes with tight deadline.

SDL Server Solutions

SDL assists 41 of the top 50 biggest global brands including Nokia, Honda, Sony and Merrill Lynch
to create and maintain their translation assets, whilst reducing the time-to-market for consistent
multilingual content.

As the official reseller, AETS has secured a substantial regional discount for any Australasian clients interested in purchasing SDL Trados and Passolo products.

SDL server products can allow you to achieve your translation strategy whilst cutting your administrative costs. Join over 1,000 SDL server customers who are already on their way to discovering the benefits of performance-driven, flexible and innovative translation software.

Discover sharing. Discover crowdsharing for the Enterprise.

SDL Translation Memory (TM) Server 2009 is the scalable foundation for any translation environment, providing the ability to share translation assets in a flexible and intelligent way between all parties, regardless of their location. Built using SDL’s robust and scalable architecture, TM Server® 2009 SP3, offers unparalleled levels of processing speed and power, designed to cope with even the toughest of heavy duty translation requirements, without experiencing reductions in performance and manageability. The result is exponentially fast growth of translation memories (TMs) and a collaborative way of working that drives faster localization while reducing overall costs.


Centralize translation assets in one place
Build translation assets quickly by giving everyone in your translation environment access to the same translation assets. Leverage the benefits of crowd-sharing to drive productivity up and translation costs down.

Discover the power of sharing
SDL TM Server 2009 is Internet enabled by design, meaning users can share assets between internally or externally, quickly and easily.

Harness the power of the RevleX™ TM engine
New revolutionary features such as Context Matching and AutoSuggest™ are made possible by the new XML-based translation memory engine. From single user desktop to large enterprise the new RevleX™ TM permits maximum performance, leverage and productivity

Multilingual Server TMs
New to SP3, streamline multilingual projects through the creation of translation memories with multiple language pairs.

Built to support the way you work
SDL’s flexible Server technology provides the ability to design a process that fits with any translation environment. From fully centralized, online environments built for maximum sharing to a mixed scenario where offline desktop installations coexist with online departments and online remote resources.

Seamless integration
SDL TM Server 2009 integrates seamlessly with SDL Trados Studio 2009 desktop environment, allowing users to create server based TMs at the desktop level, providing faster TM creation and management.

Stay in control
A single intuitive administrator interface ensures control over all types of Server installations and presents an easy way to customize TM settings, language resources and user settings.


Cutting edge architecture
SDL TM Server features a high performance, high availability client/server architecture that fully meets today’s business requirements for scalability and manageability of translation technology.

Unparalleled power
Regardless of the scenario, amount of users or databases required, SDL TM Server provides the freedom to scale up or scale out depending on the requirements. SDL TM Server with its ability to cluster multiple servers makes it possible to reach unprecedented processing speed while surpassing today’s requirements in performance and manageability

Seamless upgrade paths from existing SDL systems
The SDL TM Server Upgrade Wizard easily converts both file and server-based legacy TMs. Professional Services are available for help in more sophisticated migration scenarios.

Enhanced integration with SDL Trados Studio 2009 Desktop
Access server and file based TMs in parallel and have the ability to create server-based project TMs as part of project creation. Using project TMs on the server allows you to keep your main server based TMs clean until the end of the project when you update them based on the final fully reviewed files. Users also have the option to fine tune performance settings based on their access rights.

Languages and formats supported
SDL TM Server works with any language combination that is also supported by SDL Trados Studio 2009 Desktop. This includes Eastern European, Asian and bi-directional languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. SDL TM Server has extensive support for all the latest file formats, for a complete list of file formats supported please visit our website.

Access to Software Development Kits (SDKs)
Providing inwards and outwards connectivity to third party applications to expand the translation environment within wider business systems.