Translation of game publishing agreements

Client: European Games Group

European Games Group is the alternative to signing off to a portfolio publisher or taking the risk of self-publishing. Next to core elements such as Product management, Marketing (which includes a full 360° focus on Performance Marketing and Social Media), Ad Sales and Business Development, a highly competent and motivated team takes care of all the Finance, Administration and Payment responsibilities 24/7 which allows European Games Group to unlock the full potential of all newly signed and current games.


European Games Group

Duly translation of the publishing agreements in various languages including Turkish. 

Our solution

We are traditionally very strong in business and legal translations. We assigned the legal translator with a strong background in the game developing and publishing terminologies. Independent review and verification were completed by the project manager. 


European Games Group satisfied with our legal translations.  In connection with this relationship, we have been contacted by some more clients from Germany.