Why Us

Focus on Turkish language solutions

Operating since 2002 in Istanbul Turkey, we have advanced over the years to provide professional Turkish language solutions across a wide range of industries. 


We perfectly support 200+ clients globally. Thus, our understanding has gradually developed towards project management. In practice, we offer project management services to our clients in regards to translation and localization projects. 


Certified linguists and subject matter experts

We are collaborating with the language consultants considering not only their academic degree, but also translation, writing and subject-matter skills. Perfectly matched translators will be identified, booked and assigned to your projects. After financial and technical analysis of the source materials, if we conclude that we cannot meet the requirements professionally, we take liberty to refuse the job.


Quality systems in accordance with ISO17100:2015 

Our system of quality is audited by Bureau Veritas for ISO17100:2015 on annual basis. Thus, our admin and language consultants are integrated to the facts of continuous improvement.


Extended capacity and beyond  

We introduce our capacity as Traditional and Extended. Our traditional capacity is based on our 30 to 40 specialized regular translators, post-editors, localizers, interpreters, transcribers, dubbing actors and studios. Thanks to our sophisticated vendor management platforms, our extended capacity is beyond traditional capacity and around 300 certified Turkish vendors.


Ability to work on different platforms 

As the content is shifting to online platform, we have advanced to handling wide range of file formats and platforms thanks to our localization expert teams. 


Mr. Volkan Guvenc, the founding partner and global operations manager, is encircled by highly talented professionals responsible for departmental functions working in a modern office environment. All projects managers here at Alafranga are native Turkish speakers with philology and engineering background.

Code of Conduct

1. We only supply translations that have been prepared by competent translators with appropriate qualifications and experience. Similarly interpreting services shall only be supplied using competent interpreters with appropriate qualifications and experience. 

2. We make every effort to check the accuracy of a translation before delivering the final version to the client, and shall inform the client of any linguistic or other technical concerns which the client might need to know about.

3. We make every effort only to supply interpreters whose qualifications and experience meet the standards requested by the client, or when this proves impossible, the client shall be informed before the assignment takes place.

4. We make every effort to gain accreditation to the ISO or national standard appropriate to the service in question, or conform to same standard in default of such accreditation.

5. We offer our services in accordance with the written Terms and Conditions of Trading that must be explicitly drawn to a client’s attention in advance of the commencement of an assignment.

6. We safeguard the confidence of both present and former clients and shall not disclose or use these confidences to the detriment or prejudice of their clients, for their own financial advantage.

7. We do not make misleading or unsubstantiated claims, in their correspondence, nor in their literature or advertising and promotional material.

8. We do not engage in any practice, or conduct themselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation and interest of the Association of Translation Companies, or the translating and interpreting profession in general.