Why Us

Turkish language yours

We are collaborating with the key translators from different professional background in compliance with ISO17100.


Since our foundation in 2002, our understanding has gradually developed to applying the complete project management. In addition to our standard solutions, we take each project in its individuality to develop customized solutions.  

Quality systems in accordance with ISO17100:2015 

Our system of quality is audited by Bureau Veritas for ISO17100:2015 on annual basis. Thus, our project managers and translators are integrated to the applications related to continuous improvement.


Additional capacity and beyond  

Our 2 tier capacity is composed of key translators and additional translators. Our traditional capacity is based on our 50 to 60 specialized key translators, post-editors, localizers, interpreters, transcribers, dubbing actors and studios. Thanks to our vendor certification system that has been force since 2010, our extended capacity is beyond traditional capacity with the additional vendors of 300+ certified Turkish language and 4000+ other major world languages.


Working on different platforms 

As content is shifting to online platforms for the last 10 years, we have advanced to handling a wide range of file formats and platforms thanks to our localization expert teams. 


Mr. Volkan Guvenc, the founding partner and global operations manager, is encircled by admin staff who are connected in a virtual office environment because of the pandemic. All project managers here at Alafranga are native Turkish speakers with philology and engineering backgrounds.