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Software or apps localization services

Today, people all around the world have become interconnected via internet as never before and digital automation continues to increase productivity in the private and public sectors. 
If you localize your software to the key languages, this will be a great investment to multiply your global profits. 

By u
sing the localization know-how that has been in practice since 2010, our project managers are able to identify, book and assign not only the best-fit technical translators, but also experienced software localizers.

The SaaS 

The SaaS model has turned the process of developing, updating and shipping software products more efficiently than ever. International players anticipate products to look and feel as they were designed particularly for their local markets. We support SaaS companies launch with success in raising global markets by localizing software, documentation, and marketing content towards the expectations of local users.



Software script and help files may contain a wide range of content depending on purpose and industry. This is a challenge. Our project managers are committed to appointing the specialized translators considering your industry, but also the masters in software localization. For example, if your software is about photo editing, our project managers will match a localizer who has proven knowledge about photography. read more..

Passolo or Catalyst

We have Passolo or Catalyst teams in software localization. It is important to know for example if any script is on button, heading or title. Handling quality issues, building a translation memory and term list for future reference are two additional features that CAT Tools offer. In regards to database-driven applications, xml files are the source files. This is a challenge too. Thanks to our specialized tools, we are able to edit database content without damaging the xml codes. read more..


Recent case studies

We localized iSii of Hoogendorn into 10 languages including Turkish. Readsoft also trusted for their German to Turkish localization of SAP-based invoice automation program.

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