Business and legal translation

Contract, agreement, regulations and other legal document translations

Thanks to our legal translation experience since 2002, our project managers are able to identify, book and assign ideal Turkish or English legal translators.

As part of legal proceedings, if a lot of documents need to be translated in a relatively shorter turnaround time, we can quickly set up a team of legal translators.

U.K. uses different versions of legal terms than U.S. because of historical reasons. In Turkey, legal concepts are mostly received from French or German legal systems, but Arabic and Farsi words were predominantly used in Turkish legal language. Experienced legal translators can interpret the purpose of the legal paragraphs and accurately translate in respect to the conventions of the target language. This makes legal translations special.

Remote or on-site business interpreting

If you need professional Turkish legal interpreters on any date and venue for your business requirements in Turkey or abroad - exhibition visits, meetings, factory visits etc., we will be happy to support you with our first-class Turkish interpreters. For simultaneous interpretations, we also provide leasing option for equipments such as booths, headphones, simultaneous equipment, sound system, microphones etc.

Turkish laws and regulations

If you need to review the provisions of local Turkish regulations, English versions will be needed. Accounting standards, investment incentive schemes and tax regulations in Turkey might be of your interest too. Our legal translators are perfectly translating Turkish laws, by-laws, circular, memorandum and other regulations as well as financial tables and annual reports into and out of English. 


Tenders to be opened by Turkish  Public Managements

In Turkey, large public investments are on the agenda. We translate your technical specifications, financial specifications and other documentations for your tender applications.


Recent case studies

Amazon EU Société à Responsabilité trusted us for Master Services Agreement. We supported Studio DSE for translating service contract. Netflix Master Service Agreement was faithfully translated. For a round table legal meeting, we booked excellent Arabic English consecutive interpreter for Umweltbundesamt GmbH.

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