Project management for rush and big size Turkish translations

Posted On: 8/22/2019

Urgent large-scale Turkish translations may not meet minimum quality requirements, however..

As part of our accelerated business tempo, we are sometimes challenged by new requests to deliver large-volume projects with tight deadlines. A tight deadline requires available translators to immediately start the project to finish within a set time period. This may require the booking of less than ideal translators. Generally speaking, it may take from one to three days to secure translators that are best suited for the job, since it is normal for good translators to be busy with other projects. 

As one can imagine, if several translators are required to work simultaneously on different sections of a project, apart from meeting a deadline, consistency throughout the translation is of utmost importance. In cases where the turnaround time is extremely tight, quality assurance may suffer, and linguistic issues may be exacerbated.  


If an urgent translation is required without compromising minimum quality standards, effective project management solutions are vital. Project managers must be equipped with Vendor Management options so that ideal linguists and specialists experienced in your industry can be booked and contracted at competitive rates that are neither “too cheap” nor “too expensive”. Translators, either local or residing in other countries, must be competent in the use of software and various platforms and proficient in the native target language. 


Experience has shown us that some “hidden issues” exist, which only become apparent as the documents are being translated or proofread. For this reason, they are not included in the start-up instructions. These issues need to be detected and reported in a timely manner, and monitored. To implement the necessary changes and procedures in the shortest possible time, common policies are discussed, and agreed-upon solutions are added to instructions given to team members. Feedback must be centralized to enable quick data-sharing among team members. 


In a high-tempo teamwork environment, server-tm technology may have significant advantages, because getting access to a dynamic tm makes it possible for translators to monitor translations and terminology submitted by colleagues to use as references. This automatically improves project-wide consistency.


Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

MTPE can be a workable option for very large projects that have tight deadlines, completed by light and full human editing. read more..

Distribution to selected vendor groups

If you have a lot of huge files to work with, collaboration with one or more agencies, dividing the project and distributing it to various vendors might be considered.



Urgent large-scale Turkish translations project management know-how is essential, as it is a key factor in finalizing these projects successfully. An experienced project manager is aware of many “hidden factors” which play a negative role in delivering good quality results.  

Since 2002, Alafranga Language Solutions has been successfully delivering fast-tempo projects and attaining good scores. This is due, in part, to our in-depth understanding of the risks involved. Vendor Management capabilities and creative problem-solving skills enable us to raise an ideal team in a matter of hours. Our history includes teamwork with server-tm modules for monitoring feedback efficiently. As an option, we offer testing feasibility of machine translation post editing.

Author: Volkan Güvenç 
General Coordinator 

Alafranga Language Solutions