Approximately 20 percent saving

Terminology is on our agenda for several reasons. Simply put, organizations may have private glossaries in relation to their own industries, keywords, product names, titles, departments, etc. In addition to the private glossaries, further efforts are needed to establish accurate industry-standard terms, particularly in expert-to-expert documentation. 

Technical texts probably describe unusual or new equipment, devices, tools, processes, procedures etc. and you can rely only on subject matter experts for this purpose. Thus, technical glossaries, multi-terms, abbreviation lists, brand names, product names and other terminological notes would alleviate the performance of certified translators, saving time and money.


Terminology management is necessary if,

·   the orders are received from various departments within an organization,
·   the project is voluminous and therefore several translators need to work simultaneously on different chapters of the documents,  
·   there are some terms that may have different equivalents in different contexts and, 
·   there are some additional complications such as inconsistencies between translation memories, glossaries, references, etc. 

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