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From Local Roots to Global Reach 

Founded in 2002, a time when fax machines were widely used and the internet was still in its nascent stages, Alafranga Translation Services Ltd. (Alafranga Çeviri Hizmetleri Ltd.) quickly established itself as a trusted provider of professional Turkish translation services, conveniently located near the 6th Notary Public in Istanbul.

From our humble beginnings two decades ago as a group of technical and legal translators, Alafranga Language Solutions FZ Enterprise (ALS FZE) in U.A.E, has grown into a highly skilled multilingual team. This growth is supported by a private network of over 5,000 trusted vendors, cultivated over 21 years of dedicated service.


Today, we offer extensive language services, ready for long-term collaboration, and adapt seamlessly to cutting-edge technology, all while boasting a proven track record of satisfied customers. Our comprehensive range of services includes expert-to-expert and end-user technical and media translation and post-editing solutions across key formats and platforms in a wide range of industries, such as industrial manufacturing, agriculture, energy, consumer goods, IT, e-commerce, e-learning, and more.

ALS FZE is an accredited member of the London-based Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and therefore of the European Association of Translation Companies (EUATC). 

Our Ethical Promises 

Our professional multilanguage team adheres to strict ethical standards, prioritizing confidentiality, accuracy, and cultural sensitivity. ALS FZE upholds professional integrity, transparency, and accountability while continuously improving their skills and knowledge. By ensuring fidelity in translation or interpretation and respecting the diversity of languages and cultures, we facilitate effective communication while safeguarding the rights and dignity of all parties involved.


 2002 - Alafranga Translation Services (ALS) was founded by Mr. Guvenc in 2002 near 3rd. Notary Public in Istanbul, Turkey as a local language service provider. Originally, our main focus was offering Turkish language solutions to local customers.

 2005 - ALS started to sign contracts with local and foreign companies headquartered in Turkey.

 2006 - ALS begins the transformation process to extend its presence and outreach to global markets.  ALS has gradually extended the included language range to support the languages of culturally and geographically neighboring countries.

 2007 - ALS became an overseas member of Association of Translation Companies (ATC) based in the U.K. ALS adopted ]Project Open[ in order to automate and integrate all management operations and we are proud to be the first translation company in Turkey that started using ]Project Open[. 

 2011 - ALS service quality is first audited by Bureau Veritas for certification of European Quality Standard for translation services and officially entitled to have the certificate of EN 15038:2006. 

2012 - ALS formed a sister company, Alafranga Language Solutions FZ Enterprise (ALS FZE) registered in RAK near Dubai in U.A.E. 


 2015 - ALS FZE formed a game localization team that specializes in game localization projects. 

ALS FZE has started MTPE projects and, also extended its capacity in subtitling and video translations. In April of 2018, our EN 15038:2006 is converted to ISO:17100. 

ALS FZE is purchased by ALS FZE, becoming the main company. ALS FZE is working for 100% international customers.

 2021 - ALS FZE has started to work on large subtitle translation projects of Disney+ and Fox TV. read more..

 2023 - ALS FZE, embracing innovation, has transitioned to MTPE and Chat GTP 4.

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