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Emerging from a team of Turkish technical translators, we fully understand that different industries have their own distinct terminologies. Using advanced terminology management tools, our translators will adhere to your industry-standard or approved terms. 

Since 2002, we have localized millions of words of content so far, utilizing a great deal of knowledge accumulation powered by our extensive database. Full advantage of this knowledge accumulation is taken into consideration while working on your documents. 

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Desktop Publishing for original formats or pdfs

Desktop publishing (DTP) is crucial for technical documentation because of its ability to combine text, graphics, and other elements into a professionally formatted document. DTP tools ensure that technical documents have a consistent layout, typography, and design, giving them a professional appearance. This not only enhances readability but also reflects positively on the brand or company. 

Case studies and references

Oyak- Renault trusted us for their translation, localization and interpretation requirements. We translated Turkish translation of medical, laboratory, technical procedures and tests for Xoma.

For Aro Welding, we worked on translating user manual of our AW-SW MF inverters. Schell Gmbh had a lot of information manuals that we translated and made ready for publishing.

We supported ExxonMobil that needed high-quality technical translations. For patent translations, Samet A.Ş. received excellent service.