Turkish translation and DTP of information documents related to sanitary fittings

Client:  Schell Gmbh

Germany based company, Schell Gmbh specializes in manufacturing of the fittings belong in all places where robust, hygienic and resource-efficient solutions.


Schell Gmbh requirements 

Schell Gmbh contacted us in need for premium Turkish translation and DTP services of information documents related to wash basin, shower, WC, urinal mounting modules, appliance connection fittings, regulating angle valves and central heating fittings.


Our solution 

We have received a lot of information documents and brochures. After attentive analysis, we noticed that terminology was a big challenge, because Schell had strict terminological preferences that we had to follow. It was not possible to find them in the open sources. That's why our contact at Schell reasonably offered us a collaborative work so that we can establish a success together. Our first deliveries were carefully revised by Schell staff and then we carried all of these modifications to the new translations. At some point of time, we started to master in how to make Schell happy. We used SDL Studio and built a reliable TM.

After translation process is complete, DTP process started. Original files were of Indesign (.indd) files. We translated and proofed .indd files on SDL Studio Trados and then converted back to .indd. Typically, target Turkish versions has extented a bit after translation which caused some disruptions in the boxes of original flawless design. Turkish characters (ı, ş, ö, ü, ç) also created some complications. So, our DTP expert fixed all of these issues and we delivered perfect target Indesign files.



Schell completely satisfied with our flexibility to adapting our deliveries to their requirements.