Turkish translation of information documents related to sanitary fittings

Client:  Schell Gmbh

Germany based company, Schell Gmbh specializes in manufacturing of the fittings belong in all places where robust, hygienic and resource-efficient solutions.


Schell Gmbh requirements 

Turkish translation of information documents related to wash basin, shower, WC, urinal mounting modules, appliance connection fittings, regulating angle valves and central heating fittings.


Our solution 

Terminology was a challenge, because Schell had strict terminological preferences that we had to follow. It was not possible to find them with open sources. Hence, Schell reasonably offered a collaboration that we appreciated. Our first deliveries were revised by Schell staff, upon which we implemented all the modifications to the existing and new translations. At some point of time, we have started to master how to make Schell happy. We used SDL Studio and built a reliable TM.



Schell satisfied with our ability to adapting to their requirements.  We also complement our translations with DTP services thanks to our self-proven DTP specialist.