Turkey is located across Minor Asia and Thrace region where great civilizations ruled in the past. Today, Turkey is a dynamic developing country, passing through rapid social transformations in a world itself changing too fast. Population of big cities are on constant rise due to internal migrations. Turkey is also subject tomigration from Middle East and Africa. Urbanization is growing. Economic and social indicators of Turkish people need to be closely monitored by local authorities, investors, politicians, advertisers, science people and public. 

Turkish minorities in Europen countries

There are more than 4 millions Turkish living in Germany, 1.2 million in France, 378K in The Nedherlands, 250K in Belgium. The issues related to their integration with socio-economic environment of the hosting countries are monitored by local public administrations, Turkish public admistrations, NGOs and science people. Turkish minorities, particularly in Germany and France consist of a valuable laboratory conditions to obtain scientific understanding over deep-rooted archetype of Turkish people. 


Information is a significant input to decision making particularly in relation to fact-based management. In today’s interconnected and highly competitive world, decision makers must monitor the latest trends and attitudes in order to act on time. It may cost a fortune if you fell behind others.


In the recent years, the data collected via internet platforms makes surveys faster and cost-effective. In addition to online data collection, traditional surveys and interviews are widely administered too. 


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