Machine Translation

Machine Translation Post Editing

Until recently, machine translation was not promising because of the poor performance of previous technologies recorded so far. But, artificial intelligence is different from the previous applications.


If premium quality is professionally necessary, we offer human translation as the most convenient solution.  However, in many projects, it is possible by post-editing to approach the quality of human-generated translations.


Even though Turkish language is an agglutinative language and words are aligned in reverse order when compared to the Indo-European languages like English, machine translation can work well depending on the preconditions. Because, it has reached a new level, supporting many translation projects at lower costs. For example: translation for information may not need premium quality.

Neural Machine Translation, a technological leap

NMT engine can be put into application exclusively for your project. In other words, when NMT is fed by the translation memories generated out of your previous translations, performance will be more editor-friendly and compatible with your industrial terminology and style.  


Light and Full Post-Editing

Post-editing of the machine-generated translations is a new kind of editing experience somewhere between pure translation and proofreading. This makes it necessary that traditional editors need instructions whether it is light and full post-editing requirements. In the full post-editings, translators will be striving to approach human quality translations.


Cost advantage is worth considering in extra-large or fast projects

NMT engine is able to learn from previous translation memories. This makes it possible to deal with large amounts of content much faster by running NMT engines and human post-editing. 

In many cases, project management is an integral part of post-editing projects

Thanks to our vendor database that has been active since 2010, we are able to raise a qualified team in consideration of the technical requirements. Our project manager will be supervising all through the project stages including glossary adaptation, post-editing, quality assurance and monitoring in line with ISO 17100 and 18587.

Recent case studies

Amazon trusted us in our machine translation post-editing services.

Our project managers are committed to identify, book and assign ideally specialized post-editors to your projects.

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