Do you need Turkish transcription services? We offer affordable Turkish audio or video transcription services thanks to our experienced professional transcribers. We receive requests for transcription from international translation agencies, private companies and individuals on various type of jobs - television, media, video, audio, interview, conference call, focus group and dissertation transcriptions. 


Pricing criteria

Some of the transcription works may take longer times due to the conditions such as audio quality, number of speakers, formats, deadlines. So, transcription projects are individually priced. 

Audio-visiual records may be related to:

 o  Business: meeting, interview, seminar, conference, lecture, training records,

 o  Recordings: interview, podcast, public speaker, webcasts, phone calls,

 o  Business: meeting, interview, seminar, conference, lecture, training records,

 o  Education: Lecture, session, seminar, dissertation, speech,

 o  Broadcasting: TV or radio programs, movie, TV series, documentary,

 o  Market Research: meeting, focus group, interview,

 o  Medical: lecture, conference, seminar, medical dictation, report and,

 o  Legal: Deposition, court hearing, legal proceeding.

In some cases, there is no written text. Tape, DVD, VCD and Blu-Ray are played, deciphered and translated. We provide affordable and highly accurate transcription services including general transcription, medical transcription, business transcription and legal transcription. Our transcription team is flexible to implement your special instructions. For example, we can adapt any typesetting you wish including fonts (type & size), margins (right, left, upper, lower), colours (caption, standard texts), paragraphing etc. 

Quality control

Double check is necessary to make sure that transcribed texts fully correspond to what were spoken. 


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