Turkish to English translators, localizers

We are looking for additional native English speaking translators, reviewers and revisers who will be working on the projects from Turkish to English U.K. or English U.S.  

Turkish MTPE

We are looking for collaborators of Turkish translators who will be working on MTPE projects. Neural machine translation has been gaining ground exponently due to rapid developments in Al. We highly encourage post editors who will play active role in immense MTPE projects. 


Turkish Multi-media translators

We are looking for Turkish translators for video transcription, translation and subtitling based on per minute costs. 


Game localizers

We are looking for professional self-proven Turkish game masters with sound experience in regards to localization of the different genres. Game localizers are expected to perfectly implement gaming terminology and language, and respond fast for updates.



Collaboration with the young online marketing team who will understand the localization market worldwide

By the end of 2020, we offer an exclusive opportunity to the young marketing team members who can help us grow faster with our support based on the business plan. If you are interested in getting more details, contact us!