Distinguished interpreters

If you need professional interpreting services or simultaneous equipment leasing, please submit the details via Request Quote.
We perfectly support many language couples, most frequently English and Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc. 

Number of professional interpreters are much less when compared to professional translators, because interpreting profession, particularly real time interpreting is truly a challenging job. Interpreters must hear the speaker well and pay non-stop attention to capture what are being spoken (no luxury to stay behind) and simultaneously translate to the listeners of the target language.

Our dedicated project managers are committed to book the distinguished interpreters considering particular nature of your requirements. Preparatory references are looked for so that our interpreters could study on the essentials and terminologies. In simultaneous interpreting, reference documents such as powerpoint presentations, pdfs and web links should be presented to the interpreters before the date of the conference, panel, workshop etc. 

Furthermore, the interpreters and event organizers may chose to meet before start of the event to ensure the interpreters are fully briefed. This type of pre-conference briefing will make sure that interpreters are completely familiar with the organization and get to know the speakers. 

Simultaneous interpreting services

Exclusive simultaneous interpreters are mostly required by the organizers of conference, congress, convention, meeting, training etc. to be held in Turkey. Simultaneous equipment must be up and running in the convention hall.

We do also provide other language couples for the events to be held in Turkey, for example: Arabic and English, Russian English, Spanish and English, Farsi and English etc. 


Consecutive interpreting services 

This kind of interpreting can be in various forms like whispered interpreting, escort interpreting, court interpreting, exhibition interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting.


Complete audio-visual simultaneous equipment or Infoport and Simulport systems

Simultaneous equipments must be exclusively configured to your requirements according to the parameters such as:  

o  the number of participants,

o  size and form of convention hall,

o  language set up,

o  audio equipment compatible with simultaneous equipment, 

o  availability of space for booths, 

o   additional essential equipment like fixed microphone, wireless 
            microphone, collar microphone, additional equipment like data

    projectors, curtains, laptops, and slides.

o   infoport or simulport systems for factory or site visits 


Recent case studies 

Danish Institute Against Torture American is well supported with our booking services for 2 x 2 English Arabic and English Turkish conference interpreters and simultaneous equipment in Istanbul. 2 x 2 Russian, BCSM and English interpreters were invited to travel to Antalya from Serbia and Istanbul for Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). For a round table legal meeting, we booked excellent Arabic English consecutive interpreter for Umweltbundesamt GmbH.  Viva Consult Ltd. trusted us for Russian to English interpretation Services for Multimodal Transportation: bridge between Europe and Asia. For Mobotix, we provided premium English Turkish conference interpreters for marketing meeting at Cesme, Izmir. 

Thanks to our sound experience since 2002, our matured project managers will be focusing on your requierements and offer self-proven solutions in terms of language couples, subject matter, location, equipment and dates.