If you need professional interpreting services or simultaneous equipment leasing, please submit the details through Request a Price Quote. We will contact you as soon as we can. We perfectly support many language couples including English and Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc. 

We book interpreters of the highest calibre, selected according to the particular nature of your assignment. The interpreters that we book for you may work in a variety of fields, some of which demand familiarity and expertise. Documents are essential to enable them to gain familiarity with the subject matter and to learn the subject-specific terminology. They should be made available to the interpreters far ahead of the date when the conference will be held. By doing so, the quality of the service provided will be enhanced.  

Provided that there is enough time, the interpreters and organizers can meet prior to the event to see to it that the interpreters are fully briefed. This type of pre-conference briefing will make sure that interpreters are completely familiar with the organization and get to know the speakers. 

Simultaneous interpreting services

Simultaneous interpreting is mostly required by the organizers of conference, congress, convention, meeting, training etc. to be held in Turkey. Simultaneous equipment including the booths for interpreters and simultaneous system must be up and running in the convention hall.

We do also provide other language couples for the events to be held in Turkey, for example: Arabic and English, Russian English, Spanish and English, Farsi and English etc. 


Consecutive interpreting services 

Face to face interpreting can be in various forms like whispered interpreting, escort interpreting, court interpreting, exhibition interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting.

Audio-visual simultaneous equipment leasing 

Equipment items needs to be specifically configured to your requirements according to the parameters such as:  

o  the number of participants,

o  size and form of convention hall,

o  language set up,

o  audio equipment compatible with simultaneous equipment,

o  availability of space for booths,

o  additional essential equipment like fixed microphone, wireless
            microphone, collar microphone, 
 additional equipment like data
            projectors, curtains, laptops, and slides. 


Request a Price Quote guide you to optimise your quote for equipment lease.