Do you need perfectly localized games, websites, software?

Localizing any text to Turkish language may pose a challenge. Turkish society transforms like other developing countries. Because of this rapid social change, there are pretty much hard talks and humor about politics, economy, culture, religion and ethics. 


Our offer includes a wide range of English to Turkish localization services for your commercial websites, software, games and marketing materials like brochures, leaflets, catalogs, etc. 


Turkey has imprints from the old civilizations as a developing country in between past and future, on the crossroad of the modern powers - Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Transcreation services in all platforms for your marketing requirements 

People may express the same idea in different ways. As marketing specialists say, Turkish translator should rewrite the texts while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. A successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language. The final product will not only convey the information verbatim in your targeted language but it will also look like the original text as it was written in its primary language.  


Turkish game localization

Turkish game market continues to grow. We are confident to offer customized and affordable game localization solutions considering the game publishers' requirements. Adaptation to customer platforms and publishing schedules are our everyday reality. In full respect to confidentiality, we are masters in delivering true game localization. We localized HeroZero and Bing Bang Empire of Playata for a German Game Localization company. We are still working on regular updates. HIREZ trusted us for our reliable and quick responses to their requests on Paladins, SMITE and Paladins Strike. read more..


Turkish software localization

As internet technologies are getting faster and cheaper, spreading all over the world, software developers have increasingly been considering 80 million Turkish people to extend their software products, of course through Turkish localization. For Kofax Redsoft Online, we localized an extensive application related to finance system automation. read more..


Turkish web content localization

Website localization requires exclusive instructions. For example, the texts in the coded segments must be treated carefully according to where they appear on website – heading, subparagraph and UI. Perfect terminologies must be employed considering search engine optimization. Alibaba's web pages were translated and proofed. read more..