German to Turkish translation and localization of invoice automation program

Client: Kofax Redsoft Online

ReadSoft was a global provider of applications for automating business processes. 


Kofax Redsoft Online’s requirements

Kofax Redsoft Online requested certified German to Turkish translation and localization of Kofax Redsoft Online.

Our solution

Our project manager contacted, booked and assigned Miss. Melike Luise Oerser, a sought-after German to Turkish translator with a proven track record in the financial domain and SAP FI & MM localizations. Actually, there were 15,000 SAP lines on the top of already localized lines. So, keeping the present terminology was necessary. We received a glossary from Redsoft. The project manager analyzed all terms and conditions pertaining to this Invoice Automation Software localization project. How to work on SAP platform (SAP GUI) training was completed. The instructions were integrated, the potential issues were located and Q&A traffic was kept open from start to finish. The German to Turkish translator did not find it comfortable to work in SAP’s editing environment which slowed down the translating tempo, however this demanding large localization task was delivered on the final day as promised.



Redsoft was immensely satisfied with our German to Turkish translation and localization solutions.