Operational Know How


History starting from Windows 3.1 

Related to providing professional linguistic services, significant technological developments have been on agenda for the past 20 years.

Despite stunning innovations recorded in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Automation during recent years, human management is still necessary.

Our project managers play a key role to incorporate localization services into your purpose. They make an extensive multi-criteria analysis of the available source materials and communicate with you and the team members who will work on your projects. 

Work model  

As experienced similarly in almost all industries, our work model has changed during the last two decades according to the developments in the world.  When ALS was founded in 2002 in an office, all team members were working together. Today, the admin is working in coordination with project managers who are authorized to get access to project management database. The team members work remotely from home or places around the world. For example, our translators are living in their own country.  

Our Work Model runs depending on the following asset:

      + Relations that are established for 20 years
             Customers and vendors we collaborate more than 10 years       

           Trust is the most important asset. 

      + Quality management process (ISO17100)
          Project management procedures that we follow from start to end

      + Private Vendor network platform (private)
          5000 vendors, tested and classified according to qualifications
          This database is a product of 2 decades      

      + Advance use of computer-assisted translation tools, CAT Tools.
          We mainly use SDL Studio, Smart CAT and Ooona.

Our model provides more flexibility and enjoys less overhead cost to safely handle wide range of language couples and domains. To eliminate repetitive tasks, automation helps everybody. 

At ATT, the digital technologies that we put in force mainly support us through automation, better communication and data sharing.


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