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Our priority is to offer professional language services tailored to our distinguished customers, whether the project scope is enterprise or boutique. Having technical competency spanning 20 years, we apply proven project management principles by combining them with essential ethical values.

Translation + Localization

Technical Specifications more..
Regulations, Laws, Papers more..
Medical Trials, Report, Research more
Websites, E-commerce, E-learning more..
IU, Help, Database, Games more..

Al / MT postediting

AI technologies have the potential 
to greatly improve the efficiency of 
technical translations through various 
means. We analyze your requirements to 
determine the feasibility of implementing 
post-editing processes for AI and Machine
Translation solutions. read more..

Media translation

Media translation covers a variety of
services such as subtitling, dubbing, 
voice-over translation, and closed captioning.
Its aim is to maintain the original tone, 
context, and cultural subtleties of the
source content. read more..

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Why Choose Us 

Since our foundation in 2002, Alafranga Language Solutions, a leading translation company, has aimed to build a long-term partnership rather than focusing solely on individual projects, offering not only Turkish translation services but also a wide range of multilingual solutions. Understand the customer's long-term goals and work together to provide ongoing language support as their business expands or evolves. We serve key formats, platforms and industries to cater to a diverse range of needs.     

Industry experience

Renewable Energy
Industrial Products
Consumer Goods
New Technologies

Enterprise Solutions

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Content Localization »
Post Editing »
Workflow Management »
40+ Languages »

ISO-17100 and beyond

Quality of Translations »
Quality of Management
Continuous Improvement
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Multilanguage Language Projects for Enterprises

We have progressively expanded our linguistic capabilities from Turkish translation service to the languages spoken in culturally and geographically neighboring countries.


Case Studies

A range of case studies are related to different industries.

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Extended Automation for Optimization

By running all projects through an automated management system, our project managers ensure compliance with the quality regulations for every new project. Additionally, we leverage CAT Tools technologies to facilitate support for various file formats across multiple platforms.

Regular formats

  Text documents: DOCX, 
     DOC, TTX, RTF

  Excel tables: XLSX, XLS
  PowerPoint Presentations:

  Html pages: HTLM, HTM
  Subtitling pages: SRT
  OpenOffice documents:


      More specific formats


      Bilingual files: TTX
      Source files: segments imported
         from RESX, PO, XML, JSON, POT,
         DITA, PHP files, IOS and Android
         XML's and Java language files. 
      Adobe Indesign INX Indesign CS4,
         Markup IDLM
      Scanned documents and images: 
         PDF, JPGi, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, 
         DJVU and more.