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For sensitive projects, high-quality human translation is a professional option. This includes 40+ languages, key sectors, platforms and document types to the varied sectors of global enterprises, public entities, and non-governmental organizations.

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Legal Document Translations

Our legal translators are experts on Turkish contracts, agreements, court decisions, internal regulations and other legal codes translation.

Our distinguished legal translators enable us to translate official documents including business contracts and official reports, forms, papers required by Turkish authorities related to incorporation, tender application, local standards, assignments etc. and all competent regulations such as Turkish codes, statutes, by-laws, directives, memorandums, circulars, ruling etc. 


For Wish, we worked on large-scale legal projects. Amazon EU Société à Responsabilité trusted us for its Master Services Agreement. 

Technical Human Translations 
We understand that technical descriptions, instructions, tables and pictures, either on paper or digital media, are prepared by specialized technical staff.

Our technical translation services cover a wide range of industries such as machinery, tools, construction, electricity, electronics, computers, communication technologies, automotive, communication, infrastructure, solar or wind power generation and batteries etc. 

To the various departments of Oyak- Renault, we delivered a wide range of technical document translations, software and website localization, transcreation and technical interpretation services.

Marketing Content Translations
The primary factor behind good marketing translations is the translators gifted with creative writing skills and understanding the cultural codes of both languages. 

The final product must not only convey the information verbatim in your targeted language but it will also look like the original text as it was written in its primary language. In many cases, marketing texts contain technical terms and expressions which should be dealt with utmost care. 

For Schell, we translated, localized and transcreated information documents. 

Medical Translations
Life science is a technical but highly regulated field. Medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology and medical devices are under constant development with the latest inventions. 

Turkey is a large and attractive market for healthcare investments. We have a proven record in supporting wide-ranging medical document translations thanks to our reliable medical team including medical doctors as subject matter experts. 

Xoma was fully satisfied with our translation of the medical documentation on clinical pharmacology.

Expert High Capacity Translations on Demand
We can deliver large volumes within challenging deadlines.

Thanks to our unique vendor network, active since 2010, we can set up ideal teams for large-volume, ongoing translation projects. We understand the intricacies of workflow dynamics and QA processes for such complex projects. For each project, authorized project managers and editors closely monitor the progress.