Professional subtitle or dubbing translations by a sought-after team

We do know that all cultures have told stories. Movies, TV serials and documentaries have become the most popular means of storytelling today. 

Furthermore, VoD technologies have accelerated the distribution of media globally by means of streaming services and production companies such as Netflix, Fox, HBO etc.


If you think that your productions should reach out to the local audiences in Turkey, via conventional or stream broadcasting, you may consider adding the Turkish subtitling option.


We coordinate our subtitle teams to meet the higher capacities necessary for cost-effective and high-quality video subtitle translations of your TV serials, movies, documentaries, trailers, commercials, news, YouTube videos as well as digital games.

Capacity with true subtitle translators

Our offer includes a team capacity flexible according to your program.  With us, you can be sure that the right subtitle talents will be assigned to your subtitling project.

We support:

  • video + script + working on a cloud platform
  •  video + script + srt file (or any other required file format)

Thanks to our established capacity, we offer cost-effective and high-quality video subtitle or dubbing translations.

Quality is prioritized

Quality is monitored through 3-steps workflow: translation, QA and final-eye. Our QA masters keep monitoring the translations and execute project management and feedback process with subtitle translators.  

If you have subtitling guidelines, we fully comply with the instructions outlined in them. Otherwise, we use our industry-standard subtitling guidelines.

MTPE subtitle translations

It is also an option, but if you need premium quality subtitle translation, free of errors without exact word-for-word translations, human subtitle translation or post-editing is a convenient solution. In general, the quality of post-editing is expected to be close to the quality of human translations.

For Disney+,  we translated thousands of minutes for TV serials, movies, documentaries, trailers and metadata. Although Fox's program was big and deadlines were tight, we succeeded in meeting deadlines without delays.

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