Media translations



Turkish Subtitling, Captioning,
and Dubbing Translation Services

We offer multi-language subtitle translation services. However, for large-scale projects, our ready-to-go Turkish subtitle team has a remarkable track record. Our focus in on translating subtitles for TV series, films, documentaries, news segments, TV shows, and commercials.


Our proficient Turkish subtitling team has the capacity to manage over 3,500 minutes of content per week.


You'll have a dedicated project manager as your sole point of contact, responsible for coordinating all aspects of the team's work.


Expanded Linguistic Services

Beyond our media translation services, we are fully equipped to handle a range of additional linguistic tasks. Should you require further linguistic assistance, we invite you to reach out to us confidently.


Our extended services encompass multilingual project management, the creation of corporate glossaries, linguistic quality assurance engineering, and comprehensive document management, among other specialized tasks.

Please check our website where you can find more information.