Our Team

 Mr. Guvenc, Madame Tussauds Amsterdam with E.T.    

Teamwork is behind every success!

Volkan Guvenc, General Coordinator, he joined ALS in 2002. Since then, he has witnessed all stages of development and involved in diversified operations such as international project management, technical and financial feasibility analysis, quality certification audits, contracting with new clients, technology investments etc. Currently, he supervises global operations in coordination with other decision makers; Sule Gonulsuz, Finance Manager,  She joined ALS in 2004 and coordinates financial and administrative affairs in consultation with accounting office; Ilke Satiroglu, Translation Coordinator, she is a team lead. She streamlines translation projects, reviews translator assignments, monitors quality processes and runs feedback processes. Volkan and Sule need her advice in decision making for the new projects; Kursad YALCINDAG, Localization Coordinator, he is a team lead. He supervises workflow of localization projects including game localization, conducts brain works in engineering of quality parameters and creates awareness in the team in regards to technology-related topics; Cemal Öktemer, DTP Coordinator, he is an enthusiastic graphic designer and team lead of DTP projects at ALS. He joined the DTP team in 2013 and has managed thousands of pages of DTP projects so far; Ahmet Sait Akten, Marketing Strategist, he is focusing on digital marketing. He is working in consultation with Mr. Guvenc to implement the most effective online strategies based on vendor profiles and production capacities. 

Regular Capacity

In regard to Turkish language, around 50 specialized vendors have been working in our regular Turkish team. They are a fine selection of self-proven freelancers with whom we are collaborating for long such as the language consultants specialized in diversified types of projects, the simultaneous interpreters, the video transcribers, the dubbing actors and the studios. 


Our Extended Capacity

If the technicality is heighten, we may have to collaborate with the particular experts to satisfy the engineers, the lawyers, the practitioner, the managers etc. who will be our clients.

We turn to our Extended Capacity in particular to identify the vendors with specific technical background. Around 4K registered vendors in 40 languages are connected to Vendor Assessment Platform
 (as we call it "King Road"). 

Being a sole user, this platform is our private property as we originally designed it.  Our database is live and updated, because the certified users have right to modify their details any time.


Our project managers can:

 o   quickly match the vendors in terms of technical & financial feasibility,

 o   quickly review the scores and project history of each vendors, 

 o   quickly submit invitation notifications to the selected vendors,

 o   quickly monitor the other determinants and run testing procedures etc.


Capacity Beyond

In addition to our human capacity, the specialized automation technologies that we are taking advantage of are just like our Team Members worth to mention: around-the-globe project management platform named ]Project Open[ that supports ISO17100 quality certification, vendor assessment platform (King Road), feedback management module, discussion forum module, crowd-sourcing module, CAT tools, etc.