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General Coordinator: Volkan Guvenc became a part of Alafranga Language Solutions (ALS) in 2002 and has taken charge of key management functions. Starting from 2019, he oversees global operations in collaboration with other decision makers.


Finance Manager: Sule Gonulsuz joined ALS in 2004 and currently manages financial and administrative affairs in consultation with the accounting office.


Translation Coordinator: Ilke Satiroglu leads a team responsible for streamlining translation projects, reviewing translator assignments, monitoring quality processes, and facilitating feedback. Volkan and Sule rely on her expertise for decision making in new projects.


Localization Coordinator: Ibrahim Yalcindag heads a team involved in overseeing the workflow of localization projects, particularly game localization. He actively contributes to the engineering of quality parameters and keeps the team updated on technology-related topics.


DTP Coordinator: Cemal Öktemer is an enthusiastic graphic designer and team lead for DTP projects at ALS. Since joining the DTP team in 2013, he has successfully managed numerous pages of DTP projects.


Marketing Strategist: Ahmet Sait Akten specializes in digital marketing. He collaborates with Mr. Guvenc to implement highly effective online strategies based on vendor profiles and production capacities.





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Alafranga has been led by its founding team since 2002. This highly experienced team has been the driving force behind our quality and capacity promises, overseeing its growth and development into the reputable company it is today. Our capacity relies primarily on our team of experts and language automation technologies, under the leadership of Alafranga Language Solutions.

Our Multilingual Leadership reflects our capacity for multilingual management across various regions of the world. 

Team of Experts: In concert with our Multilanguage Leadership core, we have developed a Global Vendor Network, the result of over two decades of history and experience, dating back to 2002.


Global Vendor Network is a proprietary human resources database featuring numerous effective modules. This platform has been our exclusive asset since 2002. more..

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