Project Management

We are committed to adding value 

If you think that it is important to follow the well-written instructions, we will be happy to support! Thanks to our dedicated project managers and automation systems, we pay utmost attention to each and every detail. 

Analyzing the source files is the first step creating value:

  o  to identify available specialist translators,
  o  to select the most appropriate editing tools,
  o  to combine instructions for translators,
  o  to supervise quality processes and,
  o  to enable feedback and feedforward between parties etc.
  o  to monitor customer satisfaction


In other words, we are not a broker, but we add value to the translation process through complete project management. We analyses each project in its individuality and implement the optimized steps to get quality-guaranteed results. 

Providing as much information as possible about your requirements would definitely help us in delivering fast and efficient service.