Project Execution and Leadership


In today's global markets, businesses operate in different countries through headquarters, departments, production facilities, territorial distributors, branches, stores, and after-sales services.

Each region or partner may have specific localization requirements, such as document translation, software localization, video subtitles, and more.


It's common for these entities to work with local language service providers through a decentralized approach.

Unfortunately, this decentralized approach often leads to the loss of cohesive language management.


Global Management Approach

By adopting a global management approach for your localization needs, you can gain numerous benefits including the accumulation of knowledge, dedicated project managers as single points of contact, industry and organization-specific translators, access to corporate glossaries, a bilingual database, and enhanced cost savings through more effective discounts.

Since 2002, we have localized millions of words of content so far, utilizing a great deal of knowledge accumulation powered by our extensive database. Full advantage of this knowledge accumulation is taken into consideration while working on your documents.  

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Integration with Your Workflow

We understand that each customer may have unique project management requirements and existing tools in place. Consequently, we adapt our project management processes and tools to accommodate their specific needs. Our dedicated project managers work closely with you to understand your preferred project management methods and tools.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements, and let us design a tailored project management strategy to ensure successful outcomes for your linguistic needs.