Project Management

We add value 

Various sets of linguistic and technical parameters need to be taken into consideration by translators, editors and project managers.
Project management is about incorporating these parameters to your projects. 
Thanks to our enterprise project management application in practice since 2009, our project managers are able to implement standard procedures to take care of essential aspects of a translation project.  


In general, our project managers will be responsible for: 

     o  analyzing the source materials for feasibility,
  o  identifying the right translators, 
  o  selecting the best available editing tools,
  o  combining the instructions for translators,
  o  supervising the quality processes and,
  o  enabling the feedback and feedforward and,
  o  monitoring customer satisfaction.


In addition to our standard solutions, we take each project in its individuality to develop customized solutions. In other words, we are not a broker, but we add value to the translation process through complete project management. We analyze each project considering special conditions and implement the optimized steps to get quality-guaranteed results. 

If you provide essential information that we need to analize your translation project, it would definitely help us to offer the optimum quotes, incorporating all discounts possibilities.

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