Project Management

Get to the next level by managing global localization requests in a centralized way

In global markets, business organizations are working through headquarters, departments, production facilities, territorial distributors, branches, stores, after-sale services etc. 


Your suborganizations may have different kinds of localization requests for their local languages such as document translation, software localization, video subtitles etc. They may be collaborating with different language service providers locally in a decentralized manner. However, this is the point where language management is lost.

Benefits of global management

If centralize your localization requirements globally under multilanguage project management, you will benefit from single-point-of-contact project managers, specialized translators in your industry and organization, corporate glossaries, bilingual database, more effective discounts etc. 

Adding value to our projects

Various sets of linguistic and technical parameters need to be taken into consideration by translators, editors and project managers.

Project management is about incorporating such parameters into your translations. Based on our know-how since 2002, our project managers are committed to applying full-scale project management.


Project management process

Essentially, the following tasks need to be taken into account: 

·  project analysis,

·  preparations,
-file format


-industrial terminology
-corporate terminology


·  vendor selection,

·  assignment, 

·  supervision of the translation process,

·  feedback and feedforward,

·  delivery and,

·  customer satisfaction.

In addition to our basic procedures, we take each project in its individuality to develop customized solutions. In other words, we are not a broker, but we add value to the translation process through complete project management. 

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