Translating in key platforms

Thanks to CAT Tools technologies, we are able to house and utilize your archived translation work (TM) to implement to your updated documents.

This will apparently reduce the translation costs while increasing translation and DTP productivity, consistency and accuracy.


We are experienced in editing xml, html and all '< tagged >' format documents. This includes either the files of database (XML) or Desktop Publishing Software such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, and PowerPoint.


We support major CAT Tools such as:

   SDL Trados Studio 








]Project Open[ for administrative and reporting processes 

It is an integrated software solution supporting the administrative and reporting processes in complex PMO environments such as:

o   Storing all project-related information in a single place

o   Reducing the time to produce management reports

o   Sharing project and status information across your organization respecting user permissions and without additional license costs

o   Visualizing project performance and progress

o   Getting precise information about the utilization of your resources

Vendor Database Management 

Alafranga Language Solutions makes a difference with this private vendor database of fine-selection professionals. There are 4889 registrations as of April 2022. 

In time, our vendor database is integrated with the modules such as customer and vendor feedback, vendor testing, crowdsourcing, vendor selection, cost evaluation, private vendor rating,etc.


SmartCat offers an effective team platform when there are a group of translators working together as connected to project TM and multiterm.


Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Al is a new family member of the localization industry: machine translation.  Progress is exponential. Our NMT team is experienced to analyze your source files and implement machine translation and post-editing.

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