Teamwork for quality 

Teamwork is key to quality. In other words, cross-checks are necessary by independent eyes. We adopt in principle that independent human corrections of a translation will serve as a mechanism to provide increased linguistic quality of the translated text. Our project managers will be responsible for matching the certified translators and subject matter experts from your industry. The scope of quality is subject to management.  

Basic Translation Service

At the basic level, full-text editing is performed by the certified human translator who did the translation. 

o  translation by a certified translator

o  full-text editing by the same translator

o  spot checks (metrics) for verification by a project manager


Extended Translation Service

In the extended level, independent linguists or subject matter experts will be included in the translation process.

o  translation by translator

o  full-text editing by the same translator

o  full-text editing by independent linguist or subject matter expert

o  spot checks (metrics) for verification by the third party

CAT Tools help to improve quality

We use advanced editing technologies (CAT Tools) like Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ etc. and relevant quality verification tools such as XBench. 

Automated controls

The tools like Xbench or some QA plug-ins built-in CATs help to detect some quality problems such as spell-check, double blank check, source same as target check, num-check, inconsistencies check, terminology check, empty or forgotten translation checks and so on.

For many projects, quality assurance becomes engineering. 

ALS is entitled to ISO17100:2015 known as the European quality standard for translation services.

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