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Indirect Client: European Works Council (EWC) 

EWCs are bodies representing EU employees of larger multinational companies. They are designed to ensure workers receive information and have a dialogue with central management on significant decisions at EU level that could affect working or employment conditions.


EWC Requirements
The event requires remote, reliable interpretation services, specifically two premium simultaneous interpreters fluent in both English and Turkish.

Our Solution
To address this need, our project manager successfully contracted and secured two distinguished conference interpreters based in Istanbul. These professionals specialize in the domain of working or employment conditions, ensuring expertise and relevance to the event's subject matter.


Following successful engagements in 2021, 2022, and 2023, we are pleased to announce that our outstanding interpreters have already been booked for this year's EWC event as well. Their consistent performance and expertise continue to contribute significantly to the success of the event.

Key words: European Works Council (EWC), transnational information, consultation body, employee representation, multinational companies, EU legislation, Directive 2009/38/EC, cross-border issues, workers' rights, information sharing, consultation processes, central management, EWC agreement, workers' participation, employee involvement, social dialogue, EWC meetings, workforce communication, labor relations, European labor law