Turkish game localization of HeroZero and Big Bang Empire

Indirect client:  Playata Gmbh

Nürnberg based company, Playata was founded in 2009 and first specialized in the development of programs and tools for providers of online games. In April 2011, it is decided to focus on games production and converted Playata into a game studio. Since then, Playata solely concentrate on the development of computer games.


Playata's requirements

Turkish game localization of Hero Zero was originally requested by a German based game localization company who was directly working with Playata. 

Our solution

The concept of Hero Zero was very interesting. Our game localizer loved this game and enjoyed translating. This was a very important precondition to help transferring the joy of play to Turkish language. Translation and reviews steps were completed according to Hero Zero game localization instructions and schedule. We also carried out testing. Upon the success of Hero Zero in Turkish market, the second significant game titled as Big Bang Empire came on the agenda. Upon a question from our client, we confirmed that Big Bang Empire would be profitable in Turkish market. We finalized Turkish localization according to Big Band Empire game localization instructions and schedule.



Both games have recorded remarkable success in Turkish market. We are still working on ingame events and regular content updates.