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Indirect client: OpenAl

OpenAI is a U.S. based artificial intelligence (AI) research organization founded in December 2015, researching artificial intelligence with the goal of developing "safe and beneficial" artificial general intelligence, which it defines as "highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work".

OpenAl's Requirements

This project began with a modest amount of content to localize, but it has evolved into an ongoing and increasingly complex multilingual localization effort. We are solely responsible for the Turkish language, focusing on both translation and testing. Given the high communication traffic, changing rules, detailed instructions, and multiple platforms, it is essential for all team members to be exemplary team players.


Our solution

In the first step, we have identified the perfect-match Turkish talent among our premium vendors, who has proven track-record and knowledge about localization projects and Al Technologies.

Following this, we began working on translating a Glossary and creating a Style Guide.


Subsequently, we received the initial set of materials for OpenAI's website content and user interface. We devoted ourselves to the translation and localization process, paying meticulous attention to detail.


Our performance is closely monitored. This project is ongoing and extended to testing.

Key words: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, AI research, GPT, deep learning, AI models, neural networks, automation, AI ethics, language generation, conversational AI, AI applications, data science, robotics, AI tools, innovation, technology, predictive analytics, virtual assistants.