Russian to English interpretation for interpretation Services for Multimodal Transportation: bridge between Europe and Asia

Client: Viva Consult Inc.

Viva Consult Ltd. is a company specialized in conference organizations worldwide.


Viva Consult Inc.’s requirements

Viva Consult approached us in search for premium English Russian interpretation and equipment services for Multimodal Transportation: bridge between Europe and Asia to be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our solution

We are collaborating highly experienced English Russian interpreters team. Our project manager perfectly contracted 2 looked-after English > Russian translators with proven track record in transportation. Furthermore, simultaneous equipment was properly arranged according to the configutation instructed by our contact at Viva Consult. Documentations were presented to the interpreters. 



Viva Consult was immensely satisfied with the performance of English to Russian interpreters as a result of high-level experience and professionalism. In the following years, we received new orders for the same conferences.