English to Turkish translation of Basic Blending Operations, Basic Filling Operations

Indirect Client:  ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. 

ExxonMobil requirements  

Third party agency was looking for a reliable Turkish language service provider for translating Exxon information documents related to Basic Blending Operations, Basic Filling Operations, Small Pack Filling Operations, Large Pack Filling Operations, Repacking Operations, Tank Truck Loading and Unloading, Loading Rack Equipment Identification, Loading Rack Operator Rounds, Weighbridge Operations, Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Working in Hot Environments


Our solution     

Petroleum products: a specialized domain with specific terminologies, language and jargon. With this fact in mind, our senior project manager contracted the 3 technical translators and 1 subject matter experts with a proven track record in oil industry and document types. Exxon's information documents were comprised of both technical and marketing content. So, the 3-step quality process and LQA were adopted to ExxonMobil localization requirements where the instructions, style guide, brand guide and glossary were provided by the customer. As a result of efficient teamwork, we delivered complete, accurate and fluent Turkish translations.



We have achieved Win-Win-Win and received large Dell project from the same client.