Translation of user manual of our AW-SW MF inverters

Client: ARO Welding Technologies SAS

Since 1949, Château du Loir France based ARO Welding Technologies SAS has been a leader in resistance welding technology providing the automotive and manufacturing industries with innovative robotic welding, manual welding and stationary welding systems. 


ARO Welding Technologies SAS requirements

Localization of 2 sizable manuals. The manuals are about our electronic welding controllers explaining the operation of the medium frequency inverters (within the electrical cabinets) that are linked to a PC software and to another Pocket programming terminal to pilot our manual welding guns, robot welding guns or stationary welding machines. Some parts of manuals were already translated whereas the existing terminology was reference. The manual contains screenshots where English scripts remain as original while Turkish scripts be inserted in italics and brackets.

Our solution

It was preferable if the translator also understands French, because the original version was French. In case of any doubt, the translator would have both reference manuals, English and French.

The topic was a bit complex, so it was technically necessary that the translator must be seasoned in this level of technical translations. Project manager maintaied communication channels open in case of comprehension doubts.

We matched a technical translator who is experienced in technical content, knowing both English and French. Preconditions of the project were explained in detail. From start to finish, all the queries and answers were exchanged between Mehmet Can and our contact at Aro Welding. Review and verification steps were done by project manager and delivered on time.



Aro Welding was satisfied with our performance and we are still working for this client.