English German Turkish patent translations

Client: Samet A.Ş.

SAMET A.Ş., the leading brand of Turkey in furniture accessories, was founded in 1973 in Istanbul. The company maintains its leading position in the furniture accessory market with its product range over 2400 manufactured with the technological equipment appropriate for the needs of the era and thanks to the experience of 46 years.


Samet A.Ş.'s requirement

Accurate, ontime and fairly priced patent translations for technical innovations in regards to furniture accesories.


Our solution

We received a lot of requests for technical patent translations on the subject of sliding drawer systems, furniture components etc. from Samet A.Ş. with the source Turkish version to be translated into English and German languages. It was known that patent content typically contains complex lengthy and numbered sentences, patent language and specialized technical terminologies. For this reason, additional experience and qualifications were looked for when it comes to the patent translator who will translate highly technical patent paragraphs. After the translated version is proofread by an independent QA translator, the process is complete. At the end of the internal production processes, premium English and German versions of the patents were delivered on time.



Our customer was truly satisfied and continued to sending us new patents in regards to their innovations.