Criteria in selecting a reliable and cost effective LSP

Posted On: 5/26/2023

When businesses search for a reliable and cost-effective translation company, several criteria are typically considered. Here are some important factors that can influence their choice of a language service provider (LSP):

Quality and Accuracy: Businesses prioritize accurate translations that maintain the original meaning and context of the content. A reliable LSP should have a strong quality control process in place, including proofreading, editing, and quality assurance measures.

In addition to our standard quality assurance procedures, documented in our ISO17100 manual, we consider each project as unique and design necessary quality steps. Quality can be checked at different stages of workflow, if dtp, transcription, subtitling services are involved.


Expertise and Specialization: The LSP's expertise and specialization in the desired languages and subject matters are crucial. Clients often seek LSPs that have experience in their industry or specific domains, such as legal, medical, technical, or marketing translations.

We are collaborating with proven translators specialized in technical, legal, medical, media etc. in key platforms and formats. In our private database, there are 5000+ vendors registered and classified according their languages, domains, CAT tools capacities, work history, test results and some additional criteria. We have at least 30 translators that we have been working for the last 15 years.


Language Capabilities: The LSP should have a wide range of language offerings to cater to the global market. Being able to handle various languages, including major European languages, is important to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide.

We support 40 languages based on extensive experience in handling multilanguage projects. We are able to set up ideal multilanguage teams specific to your industry.


Localization Services: Localization involves adapting content to the cultural and linguistic nuances of a specific target market. An LSP that offers localization services along with translation can be highly beneficial, especially for businesses expanding their operations in different regions.

Beyond translation, it is localization that is key to success in expanding your business to foreign markets. We assign country-in translators, considering specific instructions for your localization requirements.


Turnaround Time: Timely delivery of translated content is essential in the business world. The LSP should have the capacity to handle projects efficiently, ensuring that deadlines are met without compromising on quality.

We are committed to delivering high quality on agreed-upon deadlines. Thanks to our extensive vendor database, which is in progress for 15 years, we are able to match the available best translators in a short while.

Cost-effectiveness: While cost is a consideration, businesses value a balance between quality and pricing. They are willing to invest in a reliable LSP that offers competitive rates and delivers high-quality translations.

Our company is headquartered in free-zone, which helps us to offer cost-efficient solutions. Our database also supports us to identify average costs.

Confidentiality and Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of many business documents, clients require a translation company that prioritizes confidentiality and data security. The LSP should have strict measures in place to protect client information.

We have a private server, that is well-protected to external threats. Also, we are open to executing additional contracts related to data safety, as long as it applies.


Customer Support: Strong customer support, including responsive communication channels and the ability to address client queries or concerns promptly, is important for a positive client experience.

You will have a single point of contact and all of your projects are registered with a unique project number. All of the project files are kept on our servers so that we can keep track in the future when necessary.

Author: Ilke Satiroglu 

Senior Project Manager 
at Alafranga Language Solutions