Turkish game localization of Paladins, SMITE and Paladins Strike

Client: Hirez Studios

Based in Alpharetta (Georgia) in the United States, Hi-Rez Studios is a video game studio, providing online interactive entertainment for its users.


Hirez’s requirements

English to Turkish premium quality in-game and marketing content translations - all platforms in regards to Paladins, SMITE Paladins and Strike. Respecting the tight deadlines so that the developers/publishers can release the updates on time.


Our solution

In regards to the game localization projects, we are collaborating with 2 game master project managers so that our clients can meaninfully increase their turnovers in Turkish language zone.  Our dedicated project manager perfectly identified, booked and assigned Turkish game translator who likes playing Fantasy Shooter and MOBA games. First of all, our game translator must feel the sprit of Paladins, SMITE Paladins and Strike. Excelling at game UI terminologies, our game translator and proofreader spared extended time necessary for premium quality. For the regular updates, our team always remain responsive.



Our collaboration with Hi-Rez Studios is going well and we hope to meet them, face to face, at Gamescom convention in 2019.