Corporate Purchasing Guidelines

Posted On: 6/15/2020

Corporate Purchasing Guidelines


Understandably, translation services are mostly subject to the purchasing procedure.


Over time, we have observed that some applicants request a quote simply to fulfill their internal purchasing process, without any real interest due to the fact that the quotation process consistently results in rejection.


“For the supplier selection procedure, 3 written form quotes are generally requested from at least three different suppliers. Purchasing Supervisor directly determines how many quotes are necessary.”


Second group of customers strictly follow their company's purchasing instructions, and either confirm or decline our quote based on the fair judgment and always notify us of their decision. If the project is attractive, we feel very uncomfortable as there may be potential for discount. Apparently, these applicants did not make any difference among the services to be received from the alternative language providers.


"Parameters in Selecting A Supplier

Below listed principles are taken into consideration in selecting the most feasible supplier from among multiple quotes.

For each product item:

     • Lowest price,

     • Ability to provide the necessary quality,

     • Delivery on the necessary date,

     • Payment terms,

     • Compliance with Confidentiality requirements"


Last group of applicants, our regular customers adopt a different strategy by distinguishing our services based on previous performance. We are very comfortable with these 'loved' customers, which strongly motivate us to make our best efforts to satisfy them by providing high-quality services.   

Furthermore, the long term collaboration allows us to develop knowledge accumulation in particular to the details of these customers' activities. Needless to say, each project adds new data to translation memories and termlist. 

"Purchasing can be committed without following the general principle of receiving at least three quotes, in the following  situations:

• If there is only one supplier with no other alternative, or if only a certain company can meet the necessary quality standards, then a quote will be received only from this supplier.


• In case of a lack of any third supplier, it will be convenient to proceed with one or two suppliers.


If any department requests goods and services from a specific individual or company, and the authority to confirm the purchasing request considers this condition as appropriate, a quote may be only received from this supplier.

Lowest price is feasible, if all other four conditions are met, otherwise the quote capable of fulfilling the other conditions will be considered as feasible, indicating the reason in the form."


Author: Volkan Güvenç 

General Coordinator 
at Alafranga Language Solutions