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Leveraging the Power of Outsourcing: Translation Services in the Power Generation Industry


Benefit from industry expertise, linguistic excellence, cost savings, quality assurance, and scalability. Drive your power generation projects to success with accurate and culturally sensitive translations that break down language barriers. Leverage the power of outsourcing and propel your business forward in the dynamic and globalized power generation landscape.

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Outsourcing multilingual technical translations to a single Language Service Provider


Outsourcing multilingual technical translations to a single Language Service Provider (LSP) offers several benefits.

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Criteria in selecting a reliable and cost effective LSP


When businesses search for a reliable and cost-effective translation company, several criteria are typically considered.

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Corporate Purchasing Guidelines


Understandably, translation services are widely subject to the purchasing procedure. Translation services are subject Purchasing Procedure that is place in most of companies.

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What is Professional Level?


Explore the challenges in defining 'Professional Level' within the translating capacity for vendor applications. Dive into the intricacies and potential misunderstandings stemming from a broad interpretation and discover the need for clear distinctions and definitions in expertise categorization to ensure alignment and uphold quality in translation projects.

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Fixing the bad translations


Underestimate the role of project management can be costly.

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Project management for rush and big size Turkish translations


Delivering big volumes within tight deadlines.

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Perfectionism and Translating Career


Translating Career transforming to perfectionism.

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English Turkish Healthcare Translations


Professional Turkish healthcare translation services. Native medical translators in Istanbul, İzmir, Ankara as well as Germany, France, Italy and U.S.A.

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Capacity in General – Who We Are?


Generally speaking, life is more complex than summarized. So, this makes it a bit difficult to simply put who we really are as a translation agency operating since 2002.

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Agglutinative Languages


Sumerian, Basque, Turkish, Finnish, Hungarian, the Caucasian languages, most American languages, KiSwahili, and Klingon.

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Integrated Services


Technical content and patents are mostly presented with tables, graphics, diagrams, non-editable pictures.

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