Turkish localization of movie scripts

Client: Studio DSE

Istanbul based studio, highly active in providing audio visual services for significant clients.


Studio DSE's requirements

Faithful and fluent localization of the movies scripts from English to Turkish, French, German and Azerbaijani. Also, Turkish translation of agreements bound with secrecy-level confidentiality.


Our solution

We received a series of movies (mp4) and source files (srt). The script translations are different from document translations, because of particular set of rules and line restrictions. Our project manager perfectly identified and booked 1 translator and 1 proofreader with a proven track record in movie subtitle translation projects. In relation to the scripts, abstracts and additional details were submitted to the translators. The translators are instructed to watch the movie first before starting translation. Questions were answered on time in consultation with our contact at Studio DSE. 



Our collaboration with Studio DSE has been developing.