Turkish translation of Renault's technical and training documentations

Client: Oyak-Renault Motor Turkey

Turkey based large Renault Car Factory manufacturing Renault cars, and exporting to Europe.


Oyak-Renault requirements

We signed a service agreement with Oyak-Renault Car Factory to provide translation and interpretation services to the departments.


Oyak-Renault requirements

As we started to receive new requests from various departments, we assigned the specialized translators or interpreters according to the specifications of the projects. For example: we assigned technical translators for technical documentations, we assigned technical or marketing localizers for software, website and database localizations, we assigned legal translators for legal documents and we assigned technical interpreters for trainings and so on. In responding to the demands of Oyak-Renault, that meant active communication with many contact persons, as long as it is applicable, we incorporate glossaries, previous TMs, previous questions and answers, reference materials. In other words, we started to utilize Corporate Knowledge as accumated within our teams during our collaboration period with Oyak-Renault in countless projects. 



Our collaboration with Oyak-Renault Turkey developed. As we more extented our services to international clients and invested on structural changes and standards, our rates that we'd offered to Oyak-Reanult needed to rise. After management change in Oyak-Renault, levels of our collaboration had started to go down, but continued in complex projects where many agencies fail to adapt.