Turkish translation of Renault's technical and training documentations

Client: Oyak-Renault Motor Turkey

Turkey-based large Renault Car Factory manufacturing Renault cars, and exporting to Europe.


Oyak-Renault requirements

We signed an Annual Service Contract with Oyak-Renault Car Factory to provide premium translation, proofreading and interpretation services to the departments.


Our solution

Oyak-Renault was a big client with a large factory operating in Bursa, Turkey since 1969. As we were going to receive a lot of new requests from functional departments of Oyak-Renault, our dedicated project manager carefully identified the specialized translators (or interpreters) according to the small to large potential translation and interpretation requests. In other words, we mostly assigned the translators of multi-disiplinary skills, for example, exclusive technical translators for technical documentations, technical/marketing localizers for software, website and database localizations, legal/technical translators for legal documents and distinguished interpreters for trainings, panels and so on. To respond to the wide range of demands of Oyak-Renault, we built corporate and industry-standard glossaries, previous TMs, previous Q&A, reference materials etc. 



Our collaboration with Oyak-Renault Turkey progressed. As we extented our language services to international clients and invested on structural changes and standards, our rates that we'd offered to Oyak-Reanult was in need for improvement. After management change in Oyak-Renault, level of our collaboration had decreased, but continued in complex projects where most agencies fail to adapt.