Turkish mobile game translation of Cut the Rope Series, C.A.T.S.

Client: Zeptolab

Founded in 2010, ZeptoLab is a global gaming company specialized in mobile games. Creator of popular mobile games like Cut the Rope Series, C.A.T.S. and King of the Thieves. 


Zeptolab’s requirements

Zeptolab had their Turkish versions from another company, but they weren’t satisfied, and they reached us via a German localization company for our perfect services. 


Our solution

In the first place, our project manager analyzed the games: a cute puzzle game titled as Cut the Rope and a PvP Action game titled CATS.  Scripts files were excels in integration with instructions. It was going to be a challange, because ZeptoLab had not satisfied with previous Turkish versions of these 2 games. With this fact in mind, our game translator is instructed to pay utmost attention, but fixing the poor translations coming out of the existing TM slowed down the process.



ZeptoLab was immensely satisfied with our update localizations and asked us to translate their popular mobile game C.A.T.S. which is downloaded over 100 million times in mobile stores.