E-learning localization project

Client: Hotcourses Ltd.

Hotcourses Group produces some of the world’s busiest and most comprehensive education search websites


Hotcourses Ltd. requirements

Hotcourses Ltd. directly contacted us in need for premium Turkish localization and onsite-review of https://www.hotcourses-turkey.com.


Our solution

After attentive analysis of the website written above, we have noticed that it is an online platform that helps the young people who are looking for proper courses. Website localization was different in nature from document translation. Because, content is a part of web design so that visitors can get access to information. Hotcourses' platform was containing a lot of headings, commands, interface terms, menu and descriptions all of which must be localized into Turkish. Our senior project manager contracted the translators with a proven background in education. We needed a fluent Turkish language that the young visitors will grasp the content at first sight. As a natural part of localization process, texts needed to cross-checked with their exact locations in the website. We finalized the localization process with onsite-review to further improve the texts in the website.



Hotcourses Ltd was satisfied with the result. Further updates were shifted to Hotcourses local contact.