Turkish localization and dubbing of driving license test of Virginia State

Indirect Client: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle (Virginia DMV) is responsible for issuing driving learner’s permits, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration and titles, ID services, license plates and more. While the Virginia DMV’s website provides a number of online services, they appear to have very few oriented towards those looking for a driver’s license.


The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle requirements

We received this job from another language service provider from France who is looking reliable partner for localization and Turkish dubbing of online driving license test to Turkish language.


Our solution

Localization and dubbing of driving license test questions needed maximum attention not to mislead those who are taking this test in Turkish language. We perfectly implemented correct terminology and fluent Turkish language. Our project manager carefully wrote the instructions and kept communication active from start to finish. After independent review and quality assurance process, Turkish version was perfect.

Regarding Turkish dubbing, our client's choice was a female voice. 3 female voice samples were submitted to our client for selection. We booked the selected female voice artist and mixing expert. Each questions and answers were recorded as a seperate wav file.  



Our customer was immensely satisfied with our translation and dubbing services. In the following months, we received many updates and additional jobs. Our collaboration is active.