Translation and Localization of renowned MMORPG game, Mythos to Turkish

Indirect Client: Flagship Studios

Flagship Studios was a computer game company founded by Bill Roper along with Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer, and David Brevik, former high level Blizzard North executives.


Flagship Studios requirements

Mythos was our first sizable MMORPG localization project into Turkish. We were approached by a Europen localization company specialized in games in need for faithful, high-tempo translation of a multiplayer role-playing video game, namely Mythos. Mythos is similar in style to Diablo, utilizing a similar interface and perspective, extensive map and item randomization, and a high fantasy setting. 


Our mission

In the game translation + localization projects, we are collaborating with 2 game masters as our project managers so that our clients can meaninfully increase their turnovers in Turkish language zone. The project manager specialized in MMORPG was assigned to Mythos.

Our project manager knew that Mythos gamers would play in a highly fantastic world with bestiary characters. That's why right gaming terms was neurotically connected to the joy of play of Turkish gamers. 

In-game content was presented as localization friendly format and we did receive in-game content in classified columns, which made everything much faster.

Our project manager identified, booked and assigned 3 game translators who had considerable track record in MMORPG. Before start, gaming translators were instructed to enjoy some time playing Mythos. Mythos glosary was hypercorrectly built and verified. Project guidelines and protocols were drawn up so that the potential issues could be fixed in a predetermined way. Server-tm was created so that the translators could simultaneously connect. Exclusive to the Mythos localization project, a disccussion forum was created so that all project members could share questions and answers efficiently.  


End of the game

Our client was immensely satisfied with our creative and fast problem solving performance.