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Indirect client: IBM

The International Business Machines Corporation is a listed US IT and consulting firm based in Armonk, New York. IBM is one of the world's leading companies for hardware, software and services in the IT sector and one of the largest consulting companies.


IBM’s requirements

Our client was looking for an expert in Information and Communication Technology to do an expert review of an English to Turkish translation of the ppt document named “HOW THE RIGHT IT SUPPORT PARTNER CAN ACCELERATE YOUR CLOUD TRANSFORMATION”.

Our solution

Our dedicated project manager perfectly identified, booked and assigned a technical translator specialized in IT. It was seen that the existing Turkish version was mot a mot and therefore needed bi-lingual expert review.  So, IT translator was instructed to work on freeing Turkish version from bad language/terminology based on his IT background as some of the sentences were seriously misunderstood. For example: “By transforming the corporate  data center into an efficient pool of resources that can  seamlessly interface with public clouds, organizations can ensure optimal deployment of each workload and data set.” In regard to this English version, it was not possible to understand what was meant in Turkish version.


After expert review is finished, project manager re-read Turkish version in search for perfection and delivered on time.


Our client was happy with the result and payment was received in the following week.


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